Employees not taking holiday should be concerning

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With the summer holidays just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to taking some much-needed time off work and recharging our batteries.

But did you know that more than 60% of workers in the UK failed to take all their allocated leave in 2022?

There are two problems with this. Firstly, employees are effectively losing out on pay by choosing to work more hours than their contract requires.

Secondly, workers who aren’t taking regular breaks are at a much higher risk of experiencing burnout – which, as we all know, can be distressing for the individual and equally as crippling for their employer.

If you’re someone who often forgoes holidays because you feel that there’s too much to do, or you’re getting pressure from management to work more than you need to – remember it is your right to take the leave you are entitled to.

If you are an employer, remember that giving staff the chance to rest encourages better mental health and can actually improve productivity in the long run. Contact us to discuss on 01245 261883

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